so i went to this arcade tonight…..

its on long beach island and last summer my sister and i made a deal that i would get her a mark teixeira stuffed doll and she would get me a signed marty brodeur goalie helmet……the helmet and doll were both gone and moved….i walked around the entire arcade to see if they hid them somewhere…nope gone. i almost cried because she just got enough and i just got enough so that we both could get them for each other….as we’re walking out my step dad calls my step brother over and was like nick lets go check everything out before we go..i turn the corner and look up to see 2 signed devils jerseys…one of them is marty brodeur…..the other zach parise….i literally cried my sister looks at me and goes but i don’t have enough yet :’( so i said don’t worry chiara there is always next time……as we are about to leave my step brother comes walking over towards me and goes….do you want my points to get the jersey…..literally died. THIS KID. I SWEAR. i will love him forever and ever…guess who is going bright and early tomorrow morning to get that parise jersey 20% off……this girl (: 

btw….its not 20% off just bc he got traded its 20% off everyday from opening to 3 (: 

honestly the happiest girl ever.