Why do they continue to get my heart racing at the end of every game?

why must they put me on the edge of my couch shaking and my heart beating so fast almost every playoff game? Zidlicky please stop with the fucking penalties!! we didn’t trade you for that! and can we get back the adam zach and kovy line? idk what was up with the kovy line this game but we need the other one back…idk if im the only one who sees this and gets this way but it would be nice to not have to go through it every game (: has anyone else also seen kovy is not playing like he used to play during this season….its like he’s been getting lazy…please kovy play like you want the cup…i know the rest of the team does and you know for a fact the fans do….i just wanna kick the flyers asses and shut them up and move onto the next round..please.

okay i officially love him…we would of went into over time if it wasnt for him <3 you have earned your stay on this team <3 thank you for making my night <3

Devils trade for Marek Zidlicky

…i dont like this one bit…. i absolutely love nick palmieri and kurtis foster….i hope the devils made a good decision in doing this….or i will be furious with them.