we blow another lead -.-

seriosuly? we had a 3-0 lead monday night and last night we decide to blow another 2-0 lead and debour thinks its nothing to worry about? I dont know about you guys but im concerned. Why cant we keep a lead!? its already hard enough to even get a lead in a hockey game and our defense decides to slack in the second and third period!? I’m sorry is this offends those of you who think we’re doing okay but I don’t think we are and I need to rant somewhere so I decided why not rant on tumblr. Feel free to write back to me with your feelings on this topic (:

They score! Henrique, it’s over!


Marty i love you to pieces and you’re honestly one of my favorite players but can i tell you how many times when you come out of the crease that i flip my shit because you’re giving the other team a wide open net to score on!! next time STAY IN THE GOD DAMN NET!!!!! I know this isn’t coming from just me its from all the devils fans out there. Take our advice and please stay inside the blue and DONT MOVE. Love ya! 

You can tell i’m not excited about the devils playing tonight or anything…

RANGERS SUCK! No matter what mood im in this always gets a smile on my face! 

so ready for tonight! 

these bad boys just came in!!! literally the best birthday present a girl could ask for!!! thought i wasn’t going to be able to use these this year!!! clearly i was wrong! LET’S GO DEVILS!!!


Best Christmas present ever!! Mom you are literally the best <3

first present of the day! a used signed johan hedberg puck!!